Ever since I played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in middle school, I’ve always had a serious soft spot for new wave music. I don’t know what it is, but you can probably trace my love of modern electric and indie dance pop straight to its 1980s/late 1970s forefathers. And few bands electrified the New Wave community as much as Blondie. Probably thanks to lead singer Debbie Harry’s ravishing good looks, Blondie was one of the kings of the New Wave scene. One of my friends/coworkers has an absolutely massive vinyl record collection and he had a bunch of records that he wanted to get rid of. So he let a friend and I dig through him and give him a couple bucks for each of the ones that we wanted. I found some good stuff although a lot of what I grabbed also speaks to my love of cheesy 1970s pop-rock like Foreigner (don’t judge me fool). One of the records I took though was Blondie’s 1978 seminal classic Parallel Lines and it features my favorite Blondie tune, “Heart of Glass.” Enjoy.