I’m really excited about this. Because I took about two and a half months or so off from this blog to work on my screenplay (and my blog output had slowed to a crawl before I even took my official hiatus because of my screenwriting), I fell a little bit behind in my blogging. And by a little bit behind, I mean a lot a bit behind. I last did one of my 50 film best of lists back in the middle of July. Usually, there’s only a three month break between these things. This was about twice as long. My bad. Anyways, this is a great way for me to look back on the last six months of reviews and the last 50 films that I’ve watched. I hope my regular readers can find some movies here that they haven’t had the chance to see before. Fun fact. This is the first time that the number one and number two spot in a category have gone to a film from the same director. It was Kenneth Lonergan and both films are under-appreciated gems.

Best Picture Drama:


1. You Can Count on Me

2. Margaret

3. Grave of the Fireflies

4. Pickup on South Street

5. My Dinner with Andre

Best Picture Comedy:


1. Liberal Arts

2. Love and Death

3. Diner

4. Brassed Off

5. Lars and the Real Girl

Best Director:


1. Gaspar Noé: Enter the Void

2. Andrew Dominik: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

3. Akira Kurosawa: Rashomon

4. Kenneth Lonergan: Margaret

5. Martin Scorsese: The Age of Innocence

Best Actor in a Dramatic Role:


1. Edward Norton: American History X

2. Mark Ruffalo: You Can Count on Me

3. Martin Landau: Crimes and Misdemeanors

4. Casey Affleck: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

5. James Cagney: White Heat

Best Actor in a Comedic Role:


1. Josh Radnor: Liberal Arts

2. Woody Allen: Love and Death

3. Mickey Rourke: Diner

4. Ryan Gosling: Lars and the Real Girl

5. Tom Hanks: Big

Best Actress in a Dramatic Role:


1. Anna Paquin: Margaret

2. Laura Linney: You Can Count on Me

3. Helen Mirren: The Queen

4. Quvenzhane Wallis: Beasts of the Southern Wild

5. Michelle Pfeiffer: The Age of Innocence

Best Actress in a Comedic Role:


1. Diane Keaton: Love and Death

2. Elizabeth Olson: Liberal Arts

3. Ellen Barkin: Diner

4. Winona Ryder: Reality Bites

5. Elizabeth Perkins: Big

Best Supporting Actor:


1. Brad Pitt: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

2. Sean Connery: The Untouchables

3. Ethan Hawke: Reality Bites

4. Pete Postlethwaite: Brassed Off

5. Louis Gosset Jr.: An Officer and a Gentleman

Best Supporting Actress


1. J. Smith Cameron: Margaret

2. Anjelica Huston: Crimes and Misdemeanors

3. Ruth Gordon: Rosemary’s Baby

4. Ashley Bell: The Last Exorcism

5. Allison Janney: Liberal Arts

And that’s it folks. Come back in fifty films for a new list. And my blog turns two years old in about a week so I’ll have another similar list to this one but this list will cover everything from February 7th of last year. The competition will be a little stiffer to make the cut then. Enjoy these potential great finds!