The Cranberries 7/01 Photo Credit:  Andy Earl

Is it an unwritten rule that if you’re a rock band from Ireland in the 90s or 80s that you had to write a song about the Sectarian violence going on between the Irish Republican Army and the government of the United Kingdom? I’m not complaining cause “Sunday Bloody Sunday” is one of the greatest rock songs of the 1980s (and my favorite U2 song), but it seems like all of these Irish bands have a song about the terrible violence that was consuming Northern Ireland. And 90s alt rockers The Cranberries are no different with their biggest hit “Zombie.” It’s kind of weird actually that this song was such a bit hit cause it’s incredibly depressing and it’s about two boys who died during an IRA bombing. Still, it’s certainly one of the better alt-rock tunes of the 1990s and it has a pretty bad-ass music video. Enjoy.