Real talk time. As much as I can be a super-duper hipster about my taste in music, I love cheesy 70s classic rock more than I can possibly describe. Like, it’s a bit of a problem. On some level, I think I know that these bands are all sort of terrible and corporate. But, I like them. And I have to blame my dad (in the best possible way) for this shit because I know I wouldn’t listen to these groups if it weren’t for him. And one of those cheesy 70s rock bands that I can’t help but love is Bad Company. Like, yeah, it’s not good, but I love Bad Company and I especially love their song “Shooting Star.” That speaks as much to my love of 70s power ballads as it does to my love of cheesy 70s rock in general. Anyways, this is, for reasons I can’t really explain, one of my favorite rock songs of the 1970s. Enjoy but don’t expect to understand why I do. This is from my vinyl collection off of Bad Company’s 1975 hit Straight Shooter.