There are CDs that you fall in love with after just one listen. Florence + the Machine’s debut LP Lungs was definitely one of those CDs. I’d heard “Dog Days Are Over” about a million times on the radio, and I really liked it, but honestly, after having listened to the whole record so many times, it’s probably not even in my top five songs on the album. I’m honestly not sure what my favorite song on the record is. “My Boy Builds Coffins” is a good contender. “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)” is as well and obviously “Kiss With a Fist” ranks high. But a favorite from among my first listens to the record is “Hurricane Drunk” which is as great a showcase for Florence Welsh’s astounding voice as any other track on the record as well as for the brilliant way she combines the modern soul revival against the more lush arrangements of classics like Kate Bush. Enjoy. (This comes from my vinyl collection as Lungs was one of the first records I ever bought.)