Jesus. I can’t actually believe that Hot Saas’s Pop Culture Safari turned two years old today. A blog that started out as me being a bored nerd with nothing to do in my apartment has taken me to New York City where I wrote about music and even inspired me to write my own screenplay. I’ve written one full length screenplay so far (Aftertaste which I’m still trying to sell) as well as 20-30 pages of two different screenplays. But my real star is the movie I’ve been working on since Sunday. I’ve written 40 pages since Sunday and I haven’t had a chance to do any writing today. That should tell you how “in the zone” I’ve become with that piece. It’s something I want to shoot myself, here in Morgantown. We’ll see how it goes. Anyways, each year I want to give special mention to the films that I felt were the very cream of the crop of what I’ve watched over the last year (even if I did just do like a week ago, my best of for the last 50 films I watched). I watched a lot of really good movies this year (although Year 1 was probably better all around) so hopefully you find something good to watch from this.


Best Picture Drama:


1. The Tree of Life

2. Synecdoche, New York

3. 8 1/2

4. You Can Count on Me

5. Margaret


Best Picture Comedy:


1. Being John Malkovich

2. Midnight in Paris

3. Liberal Arts

4. Love and Death

5. Diner


Best Director:


1. Terrence Malick: The Tree of Life

2. Federico Fellini: 8 1/2

3. Gaspar Noé: Enter the Void

4. Andrew Dominik: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

5. Spike Jonze: Adaptation


Best Actor in a Dramatic Role:


1. Woody Harrelson: Rampart

2. Edward Norton: American History X

3. Philip Seymour Hoffman: Synecdoche, New York

4. Mark Ruffalo: You Can Count on Me

5. James Wood: Salvador


Best Actor in a Comedic Role:


1. Richard Dreyfuss: The Goodbye Girl

2. George Clooney: The Descendants

3. Josh Radnor: Liberal Arts

4. Owen Wilson: Midnight in Paris

5. Jack Nicholson: About Schmidt


Best Actress in a Dramatic Role:


1. Felicity Huffman: Transamerica

2. Anna Paquin: Margaret

3. Laura Linney: You Can Count on Me

4. Sibel Kilkelli: Head-On (2004)

5. Helen Mirren: The Queen (2006)


Best Actress in a Comedic Role:


1. Sally Hawkins: Happy-Go-Lucky

2. Toni Collette: Muriel’s Wedding

3. Diane Keaton: Love and Death

4. Elizabeth Olson: Liberal Arts

5. Catherine Keener: Being John Malkovich


Best Supporting Actor:


1. Ed Norton: Primal Fear

2. Brad Pitt: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

3. Chris Cooper: Adaptation

4. Sean Connery: The Untouchables

5. James Dean: Giant


Best Supporting Actress:


1. J. Smith Cameron: Margaret

2. Patricia Clarkson: Pieces of April

3. Rachel Griffiths: Muriel’s Wedding

4. Marion Cotillard: Midnight in Paris

5. Jessica Chastain: The Tree of Life


Alright everybody. See you back here on February 7th 2014. It should be a great year.