I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that maybe one of the reasons why I love the movie (500) Days of Summer so much is that it has one of my top five movie soundtracks of all time. Actually, it might be my number two right behind Rushmore. Every single song used in the film elevates already well-written scenes to cinematic brilliance. How can you not love the use of “Hero” by Regina Spektor as the film split-screens Tom’s expectations of a reunion with Summer against the heartbreaking reality of that fateful party. One of the more under-rated tracks on the soundtrack is “She’s Got You High” by British indie rock band Mumm-Ra. I don’t know. It kind of fits something in my personal life right now and I was thinking about this song a lot on my drive home from work today. There’s nothing wrong with genuinely happy and upbeat indie pop-rock.