I really fucking miss the 90s. A lot of the mainstream music was as bad as it’s ever been and by the middle of the decade, the “corporate rock” explosion of bands like Nickelback and Creed was about to begin, but man, for those first five years, things were pretty great. And do you want to know why the early 90s were so great .The mainstream music was the great alternative bands, whether than means grunge or more alt-rock influenced artists like Blind Melon. I’m about to maybe lose all my hipster cred here, but one of the 90s alt bands that I really enjoyed was the jam band Blues Traveler with the harmonica virtuoso John Popper. I actually made a joke on twitter earlier today about John Popper’s harmonica bandolier which is probably what inspired me to choose their big hit, “Run-Around” as today’s Song of the Day. Enjoy.