I could listen to this song on repeat for days. FOR DAYS! It is, almost without question, the greatest hip-hop song of all time. I don’t quite think that Outkast is the greatest maker of rap music ever (that’s still Kanye West or A Tribe Called Quest), but they definitely made what was probably the greatest rap song ever and one of the best songs of the 2000s period. I am of course talking about “B.O.B.,” sometimes known as “Bombs Over Baghdad.” This was the hip-hop song that saw into the future in a terrifying way. I mean, holy fuck this song is good. I wanted to deny how excellent it was for the longest time just because it upset my long-held belief that good hip-hop had stopped being made the minute Tupac and Biggie both died. I was wrong. I was an asshole and thank god I was taught otherwise. I break into the most awkward bouncing white-boy dance every time this song comes on. I look like an even skinnier, white version of Andre 3K in the scene in the song’s video where he’s doing a ridiculous dance. Anyways, this song is literally perfect. Enjoy.