So, they finally announced the line-up for the 2013 Bonnaroo… Let me just say that it’s going to be pretty awesome. I’m not actually sure if the line-up is better than last year, but man, just man. I nearly cried when they announced one of the artists that was playing. Of course, I’m talking about Paul McCartney who is headlining. I’m going to Bonnaroo 2013. As soon as I wake up on Saturday, the first thing that I’m doing is buying tickets. If you think there is any chance that I’m going to miss a chance to see one of the only two remaining Beatles live alongside other artists that I love like The National and Beach House and Tom Petty and Wu-Tang Clan, then you are craaaaaaaaaazzzzzzyyyy. So, yeah, I get to see f***ing Paul McCartney live in about four months and it is going to be beautiful. It’s not one of my favorite Beatles songs (and I’m pretty sure Paul does Beatles songs that he wrote in his live shows), but if there’s an 80,000 person sing-along to “Hey Jude,” I’ll just f***ing weep the entire time. The emotions will be too high. It will be almost unbearable. If you can’t tell, I’m super stoked for Bonnaroo now. Hell yes!