I reviewed The Perks of Being a Wallflower earlier today (although I’m so much sinus and cold medication today that it feels like that happened weeks ago) and as I mentioned in my review, that movie makes possibly the greatest use of a David Bowie song in a movie soundtrack ever. There is a scene where David Bowie’s underrated classic “Heroes” is playing while Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller are driving Miller’s truck through the tunnel into Pittsburgh proper. They don’t know the name of the song (though all of the true Bowie fanatics in the audience do), but they love it. Logan Lerman is stoned and Emma Watson climbs out through the backwindow of the truck to stand up in the tunnel. And there was just something so iconic and triumphant about the scene that more than almost any other moment from the film, it just stuck with me. In a film full to the brim of moments that rang true, it’s sincerity and charm was almost overwhelming. So, I leave you with David Bowie’s “Heroes.” Enjoy. (Aside: this version of the song is about half as long as the studio version.)