So, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Like, a long while. I haven’t updated the blog in like a week period (I’ve been super busy lately with work and school and some bigger trips. I’m going to see Fleetwood Mac on Friday!!!), but I haven’t done a Song of the Day since “Heroes” by David Bowie way back on February 25th. I have no idea why I stopped doing them since this is one of my favorite parts of my blog, and it’s the way that I try to keep up to date on good new music since I haven’t lived in New York as a music critic for almost a year now (I moved back to West Virginia in the middle of May of 2012). Anyways, if you had asked me what I thought my favorite album would be of 2013 at the year’s halfway point, I probably would have said Phoenix or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Charli XCX wouldn’t have even made my afterthoughts or P.S.’s. However, her debut full-length, True Romance, is a dance/electronic pop/house/hip-hop pleasure that seems to keep getting better with each listen. She’s playing at this year’s Bonnaroo, and I’m really hoping to get a chance to hear her. I hope you enjoy this song, “Nuclear Seasons.” It’s one of my favorites off of the album.