Sorry that this is being put up so late. I put a lot of time in today on listening to the rest of the bands that are playing at Bonnaroo on Thursday. I only have one band left that I have to listen to. I would have gotten them all done (and likely part of Friday) but I wound up taking a nap today and then my sister and her friends came over to my apartment which impeded my ability to get any real research done (despite her promises earlier that they wouldn’t be a distraction). So, I’m taking this chance now that they’ve left (she’s heading to a gay bar) to get some work done. Allen Stone is one of the artists playing at this year’s Bonnaroo that I will not be seeing. I’m going to see rapper Killer Mike instead. Cause R.A.P. Music was one of my favorite albums of last year. But, modern soul/R&B/folk singer Allen Stone is pretty awesome himself (and was actually beating Mercury Prize winners alt-J in terms of priority to see), so everybody should check out this great song, “Say So.” I really like it.