So, I’m still continuing my vein of talking about really good acts that are playing at this year’s Bonnaroo that I will not be seeing. One such act is indie girl pop group Haim who is unfortunately playing against a set by Walk the Moon. Walk the Moon has an actual LP and a new EP. Haim just has an EP, and so I chose Walk the Moon since I figured they’d have more well-tested material to use during the set. I was actually so impressed with Haim that I had really considered choosing them over Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, who sings my favorite song of this current decade, “Round and Round.” But I’ve heard his live shows are kind of disappointing so I was willing to take a risk on these California girls until Walk the Moon totally blew my mind. Anyways, Haim are still really great, and I’ve fallen in love with their single, “Don’t Save Me,” which is this bizarre but exceptionally enjoyable mix of modern indie synth pop, 90s alt rock, and 90s R&B. Check it out.