I’m not really a fan of dubstep. Occasionally an artist like Big Gigantic or Burial will come along but they are so barely dubstep in reference to how modern American listeners envision the word, that they hardly even cross my mind when I think of the genre. Based on his studio recordings, MPC wunderkind and dubstep/electronica producer araabMUZIK is much different than your average dubstep artist, and although I didn’t plan to stay for his whole set at Bonnaroo, I thought it would be cool to photograph him. Sadly, his set itself was way too wub wub wub for my tastes and I thought I was going to lose my hearing from the bass drops. Still, his studio stuff is great, and the audience at Bonnaroo went fucking nuts for him. Outside of the headliners, I’m not sure if I saw a single set where the audience was more into the performance. Enjoy his song, “Let It Go.” I know I do.

(side note. I really enjoy the color in this photograph I took during his set. I just wish there wasn’t a camera in the corner of it)