Well, long-time readers, I’m excited to announce a new addition to Hot Saas’s Pop Culture Safari and a new project that I’m really looking forward to diving into in the weeks to come. I, along with my cousin Trevor Saas, have created my very first podcast, The Saas Perspective. In The Saas Perspective, every week we’re going to dig deep into Hollywood’s hidden gems. My cousin and I will discuss some under-appreciated treasure that I’ve reviewed from this blog, although it’s possible that it will be an under-rated film that I saw before I started this blog. And for the first edition of the podcast, that means we’re talking about one of my favorite films that I’ve discovered thanks to running this blog, 2005’s Conversations With Other Women.

We will also have a segment where discuss something that’s capturing the nation’s attention for that week, so movies, television, and music that are the definition of the public zeitgeist. And, for regular readers, it should be easy to predict that our first discussion for that segment of the podcast was, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. And, to close the podcast out, we have a more free-form jam session where we look at what mine and Trevor’s current pop culture obsessions are, which is Buffy the Vampire Slayer for him and Star Trek and Sherlock for me. If you’re a reader of the blog, I think you’ll greatly enjoy the ability to hear me talk more in depth about the films and shows that I love and the added presence of my cousin brings an entirely new perspective to the series beyond mine. Enjoy everyone!

UPDATE: Apparently, Firefox and/or WordPress doesn’t want to show the embedded audio player from Soundcloud of the podcast so I’m also going to provide a hard link to the episode in case you’re having trouble seeing the player (which a lot of people are. Here you go: https://soundcloud.com/don-saas/the-saas-perspective-episode-1