I wrote a little think piece about one of HBO’s newest series, “Looking,” for the site I write for with my cousins. I enjoyed the pilot.

The Saas Perspective


I must confess something. Despite the fact that I take great pleasure in “being in the know” when it comes to most of modern pop culture, there is a significant amount of “prestige” television that I’ve never seen. Between my personal blog, the podcast, working on my screenplay, and any video games I might be playing, I just don’t have much room in my life to watch new TV. And one of the biggest shows that I’ve yet to see a single episode of is Girls. The reviews were/are mixed and so I could never make myself commit to it even though it seems right up my alley. So, of course, leave it to the show being billed (inaccurately I feel) as the gay man’s Girls for me to suddenly decide to tune in, HBO’s newest romantic dramedy, Looking.

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