I had a little bit to say about when Batman is a great character and when he’s a celebration of everything that’s meant to be wrong with Bruce Wayne as a man.

The Saas Perspective


It’s difficult to discuss the qualities that define our favorite superheroes. You’d think it’s easy: Spider-man is the relatable every-man, Iron Man is the sardonic playboy, Wolverine is the bitter loner, etc. But it isn’t that simple. What Spider-Man are we talking about? Are we discussing the early Stan Lee years? Are we diving into the angsty black suit Spider-Man years when he was wearing the symbiotic suit that would later become Venom (as written by Tom DeFalco)? Or what about post-One More Day Spider-Man where Mephisto has officially erased the marriage of MJ and Peter Parker from existence? Our conception of who a superhero is depends on the writer and there’s no hero where that’s more apparent than Batman.

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