Hello everyone. It is with some sadness in my heart that I have officially decided to take a miniature hiatus from this website in order to fully focus my attention on my screenwriting. I don’t know what it is, but I have difficult balancing “working on my screenplay” time with “writing for this blog” time, and at this point in my life, working on my screenplays is the bigger priority. I’ve managed to have some professional success as a writer thanks to this blog; I was able to gain an internship writing about music in NYC for the entire spring of 2012 and I also covered Bonnaroo for them as a photographer in 2013 and I still writer articles for them on occasion. But, I need to focus on my screenwriting again. I don’t know when I’m going to return to this site. I’ll still write a post at least once a week or every other week or so for the podcast that I do with my cousin (and I’ll share those posts on this blog). But, my New Year’s Resolution was to finally get an agent to say they wanted to read one of my scripts but then I distracted myself with this blog (mostly, I think, to avoid having to actually write), and it’s hard to get anyone to read your work if you aren’t doing any writing. I’ll be back someday and hopefully when I return, it will be with good news.