new episode of the podcast and we talk about one of my all-time favorite films.

The Saas Perspective


Hello, everyone, and welcome to the twentieth episode of The Saas Perspective. It’s almost impossible to believe that Trevor and I have kept this little podcast up this long. I can promise you that when we started out, I didn’t think we’d have made it this far. Because of the special anniversary of the episode, I picked one of my all-timef avorite films for Digging Deep, Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece Ran. I know I’m cheater here for Digging Deep, but I know that few people my age watch foreign films. For This Week’s Hot Saas, we discuss the now infamous Purple Wedding on Game of Thrones, and for The Secret Saas, we continue our Bonnaroo prep with talk of Typhoon as well as discussing the band Moon Hooch, how much I hate August: Osage County, and how cool the game Sound Shapes is. Enjoy!

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