new episode of the podcast where I admit to being wrong and acknowledge how awesome the new Fargo TV series actually is.

The Saas Perspective


Hello, everyone and welcome to the latest episode of The Saas Perspective. In this week’s episode, Trevor and I begin the first part of a 10 week long series we’ll be dong for Digging Deep, where we look at the most criminally under-appreciated films from famous directors. This week we start with the Coen Brothers, and they’re hidden 2001 gem, The Man Who Wasn’t There. For This Week’s Hot Saas, we continue the unintentional Billy Bob Thornton theme of the week as we look at the darkly hilarious first two episodes of FX’s new crime drama, Fargo. And, finally, for The Secret Sauce, we continue our Bonnaroo Prep (it’s only a month and a half away) by looking at New Zealand synth pop group, The Naked and Famous. I talk about how excellent 12 Years a Slave is. And Trevor talks a little about The Americans, Sil

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