If you like video games, play this game. It’s so good.

The Saas Perspective


(A quick editor’s note: I have not completed Saints Row IV as of the time of this writing. Although I have 76% game completion. I don’t have very many story missions left. This is not a review. This is simply my impression of the game having put over 20 hours into it on Steam. I would have waited to do this post until I had beaten the game but I had no other ideas for a post this week)

In the opening mission of 2013’s Saints Row IV from Volition Games, everyone’s favorite sociopathic gangsters stop a terrorist threat to drop a nuke on Washington, D.C. with help from MI-6. A deadpan third-person take on Call of Duty shooters, the opening moments of Saints Row IV had me worried that my beloved over-the-top series had sold its soul to be more like the CoDs, Halos, and Battlefields…

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