new episode of the podcast. we’ve got “Lacombe, Lucien,” Game of Thrones, and the World Cup. enjoy.

The Saas Perspective


If you listen to this podcast and I sound like the secretary from MonstersInc., I apologize in advance. After returning from Bonnaroo, the entire Saas clan was struck by a Roo plague, and it appears to be hitting me the hardest (likely because I have the worst diet/engage in the least physical activity/spend the least amount of time around other living human beings). That said, Trevor and I manage to push through this podcast despite my ailment as we draw nearer to the close of our “Underappreciated Films from Acclaimed Filmmakers” series for Digging Deep, and this week, we look at the 1974 military drama Lacombe, Lucien from French New Wave icon Louis Malle. For This Week’s Hot Saas, Trevor and I ponder the end of our time in Westeros for another year as we discuss the final two episodes of this season of Game of Thrones and…

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