bam. new podcast. And we get existential up in this piece.

The Saas Perspective


Listeners beware. If you are not a fan of existential ponderings, musings on the nature of sentience, and queries about the nature of human suffering, turn back all ye who enter here or despair. We’re getting deep today. Trevor and I weren’t just in a randomly existential mood (I’m generally always in an existential mood), but instead, both our Digging Deep and This Week’s Hot Saas prompt questions about the meanings of our time here on Earth. For Digging Deep, we finish our “Underappreciated Films by Famous Filmmakers” series by examining Steven Spielberg’s 2001 sci-fi opus, A.I. Artificial Intelligence. And for This Week’s Hot Saas, Trevor and I look at the religious-fueled third episode (and less time with the second) of HBO’s The Leftovers as the show begins to reveal how powerful and special it can be. Enjoy!

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