a contribution to my cousin’s blog about two of my favorite artists working in R&B today.

The Saas Perspective


We’re living in a new golden age of R&B. My (This is Don’s week to run this post) favorite album of 2012 was Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE, an R&B record inspired as much by ambient indie pop as it was Marvin Gaye. And my two favorite songs of that year were also R&B. Usher’s “Climax” might be the best song of the 2010s yet as a gorgeous and complex fusion of R&B and minimalist dubstep (ala James Blake or Burial). And Santigold’s “Disparate Youth” threw electro-funk/indie rock into the equation for good measure. And any conversation about the most exciting artists working in R&B today would be incomplete without Janelle Monae or Miguel. And praise be to the heavens that the pair collaborated on the stunning track, “Primetime” from Monae’s endlessly cool LP, The Electric Lady. A song that melds classic R&B vocals with modern, shimmering electronic production…

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