new podcast. We discuss one of my favorite films of 2012. Enjoy.

The Saas Perspective


We’ve got a slight technical problem ridden post today. The state of WV was struck by a series of intense thunderstorms as well as tornado watches (something that almost never happens because of the Appalachian mountains) and it was screwing with my internet connection so Trevor and I had to record today’s podcast over the phone. We apologize for any drop in quality. For this week’s Digging Deep, we look at the 2012 indie dramedy Liberal Arts starring Josh Radner and Elizabeth Olsen and Trevor and I discuss the pitfalls of nostalgia. We continue our examination of HBO’s The Leftovers in This Week’s Hot Saas, and we are forced to admit that last Sunday’s episode was not one of the strongest so far although there were still moments of power. And we’re going to keep on not telling you what we talk about on the Secret Saas so you’ll make…

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