I don’t know how, but I haven’t remotely begun to tire of this song yet. It’s so fucking good.

The Saas Perspective


I’ve been waiting to make this my contribution to The Saas Perspective’s Weekly Jam literally since the day after I did my Janelle Monae post. I’m way behind on this particular track. I think it originally dropped in January. Regardless, it’s easily my favorite song of this year so far. A New Romantics 80s synth rock throwback with a twist. Lead singer Samuel T. Herring doesn’t have your typical modern rock/pop tenor. He’s a deep baritone, and it adds a dark, sexual underpinning to the song. The band got some major mainstream notice when they blew away David Letterman during a positively possessed (in the best possible way) performance on The Late Show, and I’ll embed both the music video version of this song (which is the studio verson) as well as the stellar live take. They’re both worth a listen.

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