new podcast. The Thin Red Line, Snowpiercer, Taylor Swift, and WVU’s likely destruction at the hands of Alabama.

The Saas Perspective


My cousin surprised me this week. We watched the very character driven, very deliberately paced The Thin Red Line for the fourth entry into our under-appreciated World War II movies series in our Digging Deep segment, and I was positive Trevor would hate it because most of the films of this ilk that we’ve discussed… he’s hated them. But, Trevor and I both have a great respect and appreciation for Terrence Malick’s masterpiece. For This Week’s Hot Saas, we talked about the Marxist undertones of the crowd-pleasing sci-fi blockbuster Snowpiercer from Korean director Bong-Joon Ho, and lastly, we spend most of the Secret Saas just bullshitting about WVU football, hate mail on the internet, and what not (because we realized Seinfeldian bullshit conversations are our forte). Enjoy!

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