new episode of the podcast where we finally watch the last of our World War II movies.

The Saas Perspective


Trevor and I have finally finished our World War II series. And, perhaps (although since we’re playing the last episode of Season 2 of The Walking Dead for next week’s podcast, I wouldn’t get my hopes up) the overall mood of our podcast will be slightly less sad for a while. That said, we close of the Under-appreciated World War II movie series with 2006’s Letters From Iwo Jima from director Clint Eastwood. For This Week’s Hot Saas, Trevor and I discuss the winners of this year’s Emmy awards although I decide pretty quickly on that we don’t actually have much to add to this conversation. And for The Secret Saas, we discuss ESPN’s 30 for 30 series (because we’ll be watching one for next week’s Digging Deep as a reward for Trevor’s patience with all of my sad films) as well as my 21st birthday for 4 years ago…

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