New episode of the podcast. It’s a David Simon two-week special.

The Saas Perspective


After giving Trevor two weeks to recover from the soul-crushing despair of our Under-Appreciated World War II movie series, we’re back to the depressing material again as we begin a two week look at HBO’s mini-series The Corner, a brutally realized and detailed look at life in one of Baltimore, Maryland’s dozen of open-air drug markets that would be David Simon’s prelude to The Wire. And while I think it’s a masterpiece, Trevor is slightly let down because of higher expectations from The Wire. For This Week’s Hot Saas, Trevor and I talk about Saturday night’s WVU football game against #4 Oklahoma, and sadly, we aren’t talking about a victory. And finally, for The Secret Saas, Trevor and I ramble a bit about the Diablo video game series as well as a litany of other topics that float into our ADD minds. Enjoy!

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