new episode of the podcast. The Descent and Gone Girl! It’s a strong week even if Trevor loathes horror.

The Saas Perspective


Before the month of October is said and done, Trevor is going to kill me. Long-time listeners may know that Trevor is not a fan of horror films… at all. I don’t know if I can name a single one that he likes in fact. And guess what holiday occurs in October? I don’t need to say it out loud. In honor of that beautiful costumed holiday, we’re turning October into a month of horror movies for Digging Deep and we start with Neil Marshall’s 2005 creature feature classic, The Descent… which Trevor hates. Thankfully, Trevor and I were both in love with This Week’s Hot Saas, David Fincher’s thrilling adaptation of Gillian Flynch’s best-selling novel, Gone Girl. And I try to educate listeners on the subversive and satirical content of the book (and to a lesser extent, the film). And finally, for The Secret Saas, we talk…

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