and our one year anniversary special is live. Enjoy as Trevor and I look at the favorite movies and shows we’ve talked about for the last year.

The Saas Perspective


And, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finally made it. The Saas Perspective is a year old. In order to celebrate this momentous anniversary (and the fact that Trevor and I didn’t kill each other along the way), we’re doing something a little different this week. Rather than our usual segments, we have a maxi-sized episode as we celebrate the best films, television programs, performances, and more from the last year of Trevor and I bullshitting with one another. So, hopefully, if you’ve missed some of our podcasts, maybe you’ll find some films worth checking out as Trevor and I give them one last proper defense. Enjoy!

(P.S. Starting next week, our podcasts are going to begin going up in the middle of the week rather than Mondays because Trevor and I have decided to start recording on Wednesdays because this allows us to talk about episodes of TV in a timely…

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