New episode of the podcast. The disastrous Babel, the underwhelming Agent Carter, and a thankfully very fun Secret Saas full of Foxcatcher, Grand Theft Auto V in first person, and Pokemon. Enjoy.

The Saas Perspective


In the immortal words of one G.O.B. Bluth (which is, I suppose, redundant since the B stands for Bluth), I’ve made a huge mistake. For this episode’s Digging Deep, I chose a film I had fond memories of in high school, 2006’s Babel from Birdman director Alejandro Inarritu Gonzalez, but it turns out high school me was a dumb ass cause the film is a (spectacularly shot and performed) train wreck of astonishing proportions. Trevor agrees. For This Week’s Hot Saas, Trevor and I watch and discuss the first episode of ABC’s Agent Carter, and I’m slightly underwhelmed. And, finally, for The Secret Saas, Trevor and I discuss Foxcatcher and playing Grand Theft Auto V in first person, and I continue what has become my weekly rambling sessions on Pokemon. Enjoy!

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