New podcast. The disappointing Swingers, the surprisingly wonderful Better Call Saul, and some angry Don Saas ranting about internet commenters. Enjoy!

The Saas Perspective


I joke in the podcast that the theme for this episode is that I’m tired and won’t actually be particularly coherent (it turned out I was no more rambling than usual); the actual theme of this week though is “toxic masculinity.” For Digging Deep, I made the terrible last minute decision to add 1996’s Swingers to the line-up of our films featuring performers before they became famous as a nod to Vince Vaughan’s upcoming role in True Detective. I’d apparently forgotten that every guy in that film is the worst example of a specific conceptualization of gross 90s machismo without any real critical self-examination. For This Week’s Hot Saas, we look at Better Call Saul, the new prequel series to Breaking Bad, and the way Vince Gilligan has always focused on examining a lot of the negative consequences of masculine socialization. And, finally, for the Secret Saas…

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