new episode of the podcast. Boys Don’t Cry, Better Call Saul, and NYC. Enjoy!

The Saas Perspective


We know. We know. We’re a little late. Trevor and I recorded this week’s podcast in the same room which hasn’t happened since Bonnaroo, but due to a massive snowstorm and complications with Trevor’s laptop, we weren’t able to get it uploaded to the site until this evening. You have my sincerest apologies because this week is another great episode. Trevor and I discuss 1999’s landmark drama Boys Don’t Cry for our Digging Deep series on before performers were famous (this being the role that won Hillary Swank her first Oscar and shot her into the national spotlight). We continue our journey with Jimmy McGill in Better Call Saul for This Week’s Hot Saas, and lastly, for the Secret Saas, Trevor and I talk a little bit about my forthcoming move to NYC. Enjoy!

P.S. I (Don) will not be on the podcast for the next two weeks. I’m moving…

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