[Author’s Note: Once again, I’m sharing something that I originally posted on social media. This is a very brief statement on why more Americans need to be concerned that our government has officially ended its fight against white supremacist/white nationalist terror groups. Only the Antifas can save us.]

A thing we aren’t talking enough about right now is the fact that yesterday our new President removed white supremacist hate groups from the purview of domestic counter-terror surveillance programs. The federal government is giving actual Nazis free reign to commit terror on American soil.

Since the beginning of explicit domestic counter-terror surveillance, white supremacist groups have always made up the bulk of the groups being surveilled. They are a highly organized and heavily armed bloc deeply committed to their ideology of destruction and hate. The federal government has sent them the signal that they can do whatever they want.

This is why forceful civilian resistance to their activities, recruitment, and speech is so essential right now. The government is actively courting their favor. The government will do nothing to stop them.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s open season on any Nazis that Antifas have the means and organization to stop. Antifas are the only ones we can rely on to fight this cancerous and catastrophic ideology that has infected the White House.

And let there be no mistake, the presence of Steve Bannon and the increasing powers given to him is proof that White Nationalism is the de jure ideology of the current administration and therefore our nation. And every citizen committed to liberty, equality, and the fundamental humanity of all people has a moral obligation to support the Antifas taking the fight to our illegitimate government and the white supremacists that they are actively supporting.

Anything else is moral cowardice of the highest order.