This blog is about to get really personal, and while that isn’t normally the case (considering I primarily review pop-culture), I think you’ll get over it (provided anyone even reads my Song of the Day posts which I’ve really come to doubt). So, weirdly enough (or not so weirdly if you know anything about me), I’ve picked my second song from the soundtrack of a musical this week. Grease is legitimately one of the first movies I can remember ever watching and it’s always going to have a soft spot in my heart. It also doesn’t hurt that I know the words to almost every single song in the film. I may or may not have wanted to be Danny Zuko when I was little. However, the theme of this whole week (because I’m returning home to WV tomorrow after my amazing semester here in NYC) is supposed to be finding songs that speak to some particular experience or theme of my trip. Since there was a serious romantic component to this trip that had to end because of the inherently finite nature of my internship, I literally can’t think of a more appropriate song to capture one of the most magical parts of a magical four months in New York than the ode to a fleeting romance, “Summer Nights,” from Grease.

In the off chance that the girl I’m talking about even reads this (highly doubtful), I don’t think she’ll mind me talking about this stuff cause I’m obviously going to keep the most private details to myself. For those of you who know me, my relationship history is a matter of public record. For those who don’t know me, I’m single more often than I’m not. Like way more often than I’m not. Before I started seeing the girl this semester (who I was never officially in a relationship with), I hadn’t had a girlfriend in over three years and I hadn’t kissed a girl in an equal amount of time. I hadn’t been on more than two dates with a girl in the same period of time. My love life was a mess. Then, I moved to NYC, and thanks to the wonders of OKCupid (which never worked for me in WV and I doubt it ever will), I met a girl instantly. And we had basically the best “story” ever. She was also from WV (the next county over), and she lived in the same part of Brooklyn as me. We had a ton of things in common and over the course of two of the best months of my life, we never ceased to have a truly wonderful time. I was starting to fall for her (to the point that I wanted to stay in NYC so I could date her), but it wasn’t meant to be. It turned out that she didn’t feel as strongly about me as I did her and we both decided to end the relationship simultaneously. I made the decision because I was going home soon and I couldn’t afford to become more emotionally attached to her. She made the decision because she felt she “wanted to like me” more than she really liked me (I still don’t understand it but it’s not my place to try and change her mind). So, our relationship wasn’t quite as star-crossed as Danny and Sandy’s (even if I really, really wanted it to be), but I have no regrets about it or bad words to say about one of the most wonderful girls I’ve ever known. She gave me the confidence to know that I can meet women if I put myself out there and reaffirmed my opinion that I’m at my best when I’m trying to make a woman feel like the world. So, here’s an ode to my “summer” fling (even if it was really winter and spring).