Perhaps, I’m not adequately suited to review 1987’s Border Radio, a film about Jeff Bailey, a member of a punk band who has absconded with cash from the safe of a club that refused to pay him and his band mates for a gig. The film is also about Jeff’s wife, Luanna, and the band’s roadie Chris and the band other’s member Dean. The cast is full of non-professional actors, most of which are actual names in the punk rock industry such as Chris D. of the Flesh Eaters and John Doe as well. I say I’m not adequately suited to review this film cause I don’t really like punk rock that much. It’s not really my musical genre of choice but this film is like a love letter to the medium. However, this is a film and I’m judging it on it’s qualities as such and boy was this film really, unbelievably boring and dull.

The film’s story doesn’t really go anywhere and it doesn’t make up for it by being visually stylish or in any way artsy. The acting in it, with the exception of Chris D., is absolutely awful to the point that it was so bad that it made me uncomfortable at several different points in the film. I kept wanting the film to be over the entire time I was watching it so thankfully, it was really short. The only thing the film had going for it really was that the soundtrack, for a film about punk music, was surprisingly good. That’s punk’s problem for me. There are some great punk bands. It’s just that most of them are terrible. This film chose the good bands. I can only recommend this movie to people who are big fans of the punk music scene and even then, it’s a very slight recommendation.

Final Score: C