Last summer, I reviewed the concert film, Stop Making Sense, which Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs, Rachel Getting Married) shot with legendary 70s/80s New Wave band, the Talking Heads. Along with the original Woodstock documentary, Stop Making Sense is widely considered to be one of the greatest concert films ever made. The Talking Heads (I know it’s just Talking Heads but that sounds like an incorrect way to start a sentence even if it technically isn’t) are one of my favorite bands of all time, and I was looking for a song from the 1970s to put on my Song of the Day series (it’s the only decade from the 1960s on I haven’t utilized), and I thought what’s better than the manic, disturbing single that put Talking Heads on the map in the first place. This song doesn’t really represent anything about my mood (which is still sick and sort of miserable). I just think it’s an awesome song that often gets ignored by the far more popular “Burning Down the House.” So without further ado, I present you David Byrne (who may or may not be in a giant fat suit).


The above video is from Stop Making Sense with David Byrne doing a solo acoustic version of the song alongside a drum machine. If you want to listen to the original version from Talking Heads: ’77, you can listen to it on my April Songs of the Day playlist here on Spotify.