If you want to know when I first knew who Gil Scott-Heron was by name, I’m ashamed to admit that it’s because of “Who Will Survive in America,” the closing track on Kanye West’s magnum opus My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. If  you want to know when I first actually heard him, it was on the soundtrack to Grand Theft Auto IV (on the old school jazz/soul station which was possibly the best radio station in the game). Each time I heard his music, I was blown away, especially by today’s Song of the Day, “Home Is Where the Hatred Is.” I didn’t know who sang the song til years later, but it just blew me away and remains one of my favorite songs on the soundtrack. The late, great Gil Scott-Heron isn’t necessarily as well known as many of his 70s/60s contemporaries (his trouble with the law prematurely stunted his career) but he’s incredibly influential in modern soul circuits as well as the more jazz-influenced hip-hop artists. The man got the last word on Kanye West’s album for god’s sake. Anyways, here’s easily one of the best tunes of the 70s. Enjoy.


Spotify doesn’t have the studio version of the song on their server so today’s Song of the Day on Spotify will be live version of the tune that Gil Scott-Heron recorded in his later years (a year or so before he passed away). For those of you interested in July’s Song of the Day playlist, you can find it here (tomorrow’s the last day!). If you’re interested in the playlist for all of 2012 so far, you can find that here!