It’s weird that songs from the early 2000s are now either already ten years old or are slowly nearing their tenth anniversary. It makes me feel really fucking old. I’m only 23. By the time I’m in my 40s, I’m going to be a Woody Allen style neurotic mess (even more so than I already am). Although I didn’t actually listen to Guster back in 2003 (when the album containing “Amsterdam” was released), the band has certainly grown on me over the years. I’m pretty sure I first heard about them at Boys Nation when one of my fellow members of the Washington Section recommended them to me as we were having an in-depth conversation about our tastes in music (back in the days when the only thing I listened to was classic rock). Somehow, I stumbled upon a copy of the single of “Amsterdam,” and it’s been a great relationship ever since. Guster has a bit of reputation as being a college-rock band, and they definitely are. Still, there are much worse reputations you could have.