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Long-time readers may remember my fondness for Athens, GA freak-rockers Reptar. Reptar played Baeble Music’s (the company that I interned with in NYC) showcase at the 2012 SXSW in Austin, TX, and I was responsible for writing our introduction for the band. I fell in love with their single “Sebastian” on first listen. They were the first band that I saw on Friday at this year’s Bonnaroo, and though their set was far from perfect, they were an appropriately fun and crazy way to start of the first full day of Bonnaroo (and were one of many very good acts I saw that day). Their psychedelic spin on indie rock and freak folk may not be for everyone (Pitchfork notoriously hated their debut LP), but I enjoy them. I hope you do as well.



God damnit. Why do I have such ADD about this particular post? I created this whole recurring series so that I would never forget to actually update my blog at least once a day, but I got involved in a conversation with a friend (who went to Bonnaroo last year) to give me advice on how to prepare for this year’s Bonnaroo (it’s next week), and I completely forgot that I needed to do this. So, let’s make this an easy choice. One of the bands that the company I work for shot at this year’s SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX was Georgia freak rockers, Reptar. Besides their awesome and nostalgic name, they’re an awesome distillation of three of my favorite bands. They’re Animal Collective meets Modest Mouse meets the Talking Heads. You can’t beat that. They released their first official music video today (off their debut album Body Faucet) for the single “Sebastian.” It’s so catchy. This band has a ton of great tunes and I really hope the brutal (and very questionable review they got from Pitchfork) doesn’t stop people from checking out this awesome band.