Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I haven’t done a real review in like four days. I’ve been slightly addicted to Galactic Civilizations II and I haven’t really done anything else (besides play in that poker tournament in Wheeling that I won $200 in last night. I’ve played in five sit and go tournaments there and I’ve cashed in six. I’m a pretty decent poker player). Here’s my promise to my readers. I will do an actual review tomorrow. Scout’s honor. Anyways, I still have to do my song of the day post for today. I was playing Rock Band with my little sister before I started to write this post (because she guilt tripped me into saying I wasn’t spending any time with her) and one of the songs that we played was “Pretend We’re Dead” by 90s all-female grunge act L7. Am I the only person who misses the riot grrrl acts of the 90s? There’s something undeniably bad-ass (and super sexy) about chicks that rock as hard as guys. That’s why I loved Hole (even though I hate Courtney Love) and especially Garbage (who have released some really good singles this year for their comeback album). I think I just have a thing for really tough women. Anyways, if you ever thought men had too much control over grunge, hopefully L7 can change your mind.