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This is going to be the 1000th post I’ve written for this blog. I’ll likely write a post this evening or tomorrow commemorating that milestone, but I wanted to ensure that the actual 1000th post was for something significant. Had I not checked the administrative page for this blog first, I wouldn’t have even realized it. And this post would have been a review of the absurdly god-awful 2012 adaptation of Les Miserables (but that review will get put up later). Thankfully, I kept that from happening and instead it can be what may possibly be my favorite song from my favorite band of all time. I’m going to be seeing Paul McCartney in a month at Bonnaroo (something that I am inexpressibly excited for), and although I’m fairly certain that I won’t be fortunate enough to hear this song, simply being in the presence of the man who wrote so many of the greatest songs of all time will certainly suffice.


You want to know how I know I’m getting old. This really happened. That is a link to an article I wrote at Baeble right after the Grammys about the Twitter phenomenon of people honestly not knowing who Paul McCartney is. PAUL FUCKING MCCARTNEY! That’s like not knowing who Michael Jackson is or the President of the United States. He’s a Beatle God Damnit! I cried some tears for future generations. Anywho, as a senior in college, I don’t have a chance to make as many new friends as I did when I first started out. Not living in the dorms and not being involved in a million extra-curricular activities will generally shrink your potential friend pool. Anyways, I have made a couple new friends this year, and one posted a picture on Facebook of a bunch of Beatles albums. I asked her today what her favorite Beatles album was and she said Rubber Soul. I’m more of a Revolver or Abbey Road man myself, but every Beatles record is phenomenal, and Rubber Soul actually has my favorite poppier song of the Beatles, “Drive My Car.” Beatles aren’t on Spotify so I have no idea what song I’m going to make my Song of the Day for there. Probably a cover from Across the Universe except they don’t use this song in the movie. Anyways, give it up for the greatest band of all time.

I’m one of the bigger Beatles fans I know. I’ve got physical copies of all of their studio albums. I have in-depth (though constantly shifting) opinions about where each album and/or song fits in the Beatles pantheon, and I’ve seen the Beatle’s Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas (it was amazing). I could listen to them all day long and never grow tired because they have such a depth of sounds. It’s one of the great shames of the era that I was born that I will never get to see them perform live. However, I honestly think that Joe Cocker’s soulful rendition of “With a Little Help From My Friends” is simply superior in every way to the original song. Hearing his earthy and bluesy delivery, it’s impossible to not be turned into an emotional trainwreck, and his interpretation of the number just completely alters the emotional impact of the song (so that it actually has an emotional impact). My sister and I were debating which version is better (she prefers the Beatles) and that inspired me to make this my Song of the Day. So, without further ado, check out the footage below of Cocker performing this number at the very first Woodstock (and forgive him for his epileptic seizures/fits).