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I’m sad to admit for the first time in almost 200 days (literally just 5 days shy), I forgot to do my Song of the Day. I’ve gone stretches without doing it before, but there was always an unavoidable reason. I.e., I was at Bonnaroo, or we didn’t have power for several days in a row. The power thing cock-blocked me twice over the summer. I just straight up forgot last night. I didn’t get off work til after 9:30 and I picked my sister up from her dorm after work. We got some pizza, and then a friend came over and the three of us hung out and watched TV/movies (a review of the excellent Cabin in the Woods is forthcoming). And i managed to just completely forget that I needed to do my Song of the Day. I realized I had forgotten at (I kid you not) 12:01 so it was too late to put up even a really quick post. Sorry long-time readers. I’m sure you were very disappointed to not get a random musical musing from my head (hoping people realize that last bit was sarcasm). Anywho, I’m in a very “The Cure” mood today so without further ado, I present “Lullaby.”

I almost forgot to do my “Song of the Day” post today, so I’ll keep my ramblings about why I love this song short. Needless to say, as someone who writes about indie music, Disintegration by the Cure is one of those timeless albums that I love and whose influence on the modern music I love is pretty much impossible to overstate. If you’ve ever been sad in your life whatsoever, there’s a chance that the Cure have written a song to match your mood. I’m feeling sort of angsty about women at the moment ( a more than common emotional state for me), and thus, I’ve got one of the many broken heart songs by The Cure to help get me through my pain. “Pictures of You” is a such a great track, and its power to speak to me at a gut level has only grown the more times I’ve listened to it. Robert Smith, you are a God amongst men.

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