Moondance by Van Morrison is one of the most under-appreciated albums of all time. If you’re having a conversation about the Top 10 Greatest Albums Ever Made, and Moondance doesn’t at least sneak its way onto your list, it can really only mean one thing. You’ve never listened to Moondance. From the opening strains of today’s Song of the Day, “And It Stoned Me,” until the closing notes of “Glad Tidings,” you’re listening to a perfect record. End of discussion. It’s gotten to the point where I think Moondance (and even Astral Weeks) are so good that I can’t listen to Van Morrison’s big single, “Brown Eyed Girl” without getting infuriated over the fact that that song’s a huge “classic” but the rest of his library of music isn’t as famous. Moondance was a stupendous, genre-blurring masterpiece covering R&B, soul, folk, jazz, country, and a million other genres as well, and I’ll never be able to for the rest of my life hear “And It Stoned Me” without getting chills because of how phenomenal the song itself is as well as the rest of the album it calls home.